May. 1st, 2010

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This is Serenity, but Noah is dictating! He says hello, and he's feeling okay, and he is going to be just fine now. (Every time he coughs I want to hold him though because he looks horrible...)

Noah has just come to the realisation that he won't be able to continue his classes this semester. Since it was his last semester, this means he'll have to finish next year. He just said to me, "I hope Dad knows this means he'll be stuck with me for the next six months then..." I'm sure you're really broken up about that, aren't you, Ben?

Noah has been reading books to Daria's twins, and I swear they're going to be so well read ahaha! So I brought them some of my baby books in so there are pictures and it's not all Harry Potter. It's seriously so cute to watch him!

...he just told me to stop editorialising. That's how you can tell he's feeling better. He's bossing me around. It's adorable. Anyway, he's bugging me to stop messing around on the laptop so we can watch Boat that Rocked. He likes to think he's a DJ from pirate radio. Adorable.

(Godric is painting Noah's nails bright pink. It's epic.)


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