May. 9th, 2010

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i am posting this from my mobile so bear with me. i miss having the radio as a medium to speak out about things but i'm in hospital and all i have that works are my fucking thumbs. i know some of you listeners out there read me on here though, so it'll work.

i cant get specific, but a friend of mine came to me today and told me she had been told if she didn't lose weight, she could lose an opportunity to do something she really loves. my friend is in shape and beautiful and not a bit overweight, but that isn't even the point. the point is that no one who isn't a doctor or a nutritionist should be telling anyone what to do regarding their weight. and to blackmail people by threatening to take away something important to them is beyond disgusting.

our culture of 'thinner thinner thinner' disgusts me. the idea that all people in the public eye have to look like mannequins is ridiculous. do you know what's beautiful? a person just being themselves. a woman who eats instead of picking at a salad or apologising for eating a bite of some kind of dessert confection. everyone should try to exercise and eat well at least some of the time simply because it's best for your health, but no one has the right to tell someone else what they should or shouldn't look like. human beings aren't play-doh. we aren't supposed to be moulded into whatever shape some manager or marketing advertiser or parent or lover or friend decides we should be. weight should only be a matter of health and not aesthetics. and it's just as possible to be underweight as it is to be overweight. if my dear friend did what these people are telling her to do, that is what would happen to her. she would be underweight and it wouldn't be healthy. im so angry it's probably a good thing i am bed-ridden...

but you're not. those of you out there who read this, ring up my comrade at the radio. his name is kevin and he'll be thrilled. speak out. and dont stand idly by when you hear someone being judged on the basis of their weight. its not okay. it's disgusting.
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tonight i did a radio broadcast with my girlfriend and it was wonderful. we got to rage and speak out and express ourselves and prove our voices have not been silenced. it felt wonderful.

and then i ate dinner with peter kemp and i think i consumed my own weight in spag bog. i have so much more energy strangely enough. i feel so much better. food is amazing. i love it. i have eaten 5 times today and i want more. oh oh! someone bring me pie!!


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