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Bali is incredible and being here with Daria is wonderful. It's so warm and it's just nice to get out of London for a little while.

I miss Cassandra and Phoebe so much though! Sleeping in is nice but I miss their little faces! I suddenly understand what my parents must have gone through being away from me. It makes me feel bad for not talking to my mother more when she lived in California.

I really love being a dad. And being here is just making me realise it even more.
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I finally think I can stop wearing my breathing mask at night, though I will keep my inhaler for now.

So, folks, in the future if your very wise father tells you to stay inside because you might catch your death, listen to him. Or you might end up with pneumonia and collapsed lungs and a sleeping machine that makes you feel like Darth Vader. It is not sexy.

There's another semester that's a write off.

I'm feeling well enough to get back to work, however. We're going to be doing a rally for New Zealand and Japan so look for it this week if you're on campus!
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While we're protesting this bullshit, can we also protest the weather?

I'm cold. But I'm not stopping.
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There was a bit of drama at the wedding, I don't know if Peter told you. Apparently the groom was cheating on the bride and the woman he was sleeping with didn't know so she showed up and there was...eugh, anyway. We're all okay, but it was...not so good. I think the woman the groom was sleeping with knew martial arts because she broke his wrist when he tried to shush her, and I heard the bone snap.

And now I can't stop thinking about how that feels. Which I'm sure you don't need to read, but I just- I don't want to come over because Daria and the twins are here, but will you talk to me? I'm not so good tonight.
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Why didn't you teach us German?
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I woke up this morning beside my gorgeous girlfriend, Daria. I made breakfast and helped her feed the girls and then we spent some time in the yard. It was torture tearing myself away to go to class. But then, at the end of the day, I got to come home to them. I got to come home to Daria, Cassandra and Phoebe.

It means so much to me.
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Dad. Dad Dad Dad!

Daria called me daddy! ...I mean SHE didn't call me daddy. She called me...I was Cassandra and Phoebe's- Anyway, she called me their daddy. I really liked it.
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Daria. Daria Daria Daria Daria Daria Daria, I have so much to tell you.

I'll just keep repeating your name like a mantra.

Daria Daria Daria.

I love you. Can I come over? I know things might be chaotic with moving and stuff. I just want to see you and the girls.
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Dad, Daria and I got our house. I'm going to be moving out in about a week. I'm heading over there now to celebrate.

I thought I should tell you but I'm scared so I did it here.
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My dad just kicked me out of the house tonight! So if you are busy, I'll stay with Peter and Aly, though I'd rather stay with you.

Dad is so funny. He asked me if I had anything planned and then informed me I had to have something planned. He has a date with Maya. She makes him happy and I really like that.
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Should be my last semester at University and then I have to get a really real job.

Even though this should have happened last semester, it feels weird. I can't say the extra few months have been a reprieve since I spent most of it in hospital, but now I'm glad it's a few months away still. I can still be a kid for a little while longer, at least in some ways.

My legs still hurt at night. Hours of not moving is not my friend and then I have to get up and wander. I wonder if I'll ever sleep a full night again.
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I really like Maya, Dad.
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I was going to ask my Dad about it, but I think it will just kind of panic him at this point...

I think my dad is dating, Daria! And oh my god, is it wrong that I think it's adorable!?
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So I hear you're dating my Serenity, hmm? I have my eye on you, Mister.

And by that, I do mean, congratulations. I'm really glad it's you. I love Serenity like a sister; and you're exactly the kind of person I want to see her with. The kind of person who makes her happy and I trust you want that for her too.

But I still have my eye on you!
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Harmony just called me (and forgetting for a moment that I have a new number and I have no idea how she got it) and asked to meet Daria.

I don't even... What...


Daria could totally kick her arse, but she could kick my arse too, and Harmony will say something insensitive, because she's Harmony and I just don't know what to do.

I haven't even told Daria about the girl on Dwyer Street, let alone Harmony. There's just too much.
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I'm sorry I disappeared this morning. I didn't tell you, but Neil was hurt and I wanted to be at the hospital with Daria. It wasn't me having a last minute change-of-heart, or deciding I'd made a mistake or something. I'm sorry if you freaked out. I'm at the hospital now if you do want to come, but we're okay here.

I think, now that I' a listening place...I'd like to understand what happened back then. Just sometime. I think it would help.

And for the record, I didn't not call Peter last night because he's in hospital. I know he would have left to come get me if I had asked him to. I called you because you were the only person I wanted to see. Thanks again for coming to get me without hesitating for a second, even though I have been an unbelievable little shit.
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Everyone's going to hospital. It pretty much sucks. I feel sick because I'm worried all the time.

Can you get ulcers at 22?
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Your younger brother is in hospital, bleeding out. You might want a damn or something.
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My uncle got my ear pierced.

Wow, I'm so rebellious.
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