Jun. 9th, 2010

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last night i fell out of my wheelchair trying to get into bed (andy's room is smaller than mine and hard to manoeuvre!) and dad had to rescue me by picking me up off of the floor. i feel ridiculous... i think i gave him a heart attack too. all he would have heard was a huge bang and then my scream of anguish. he ran in looking crazed, like he was going to have to fight something off. i think he might have been brandishing a book... either than or he just hadn't put it down. luckily it was just me being amazingly uncoordinated. today everything hurts even worse thanks to bruising. i'm just going to lie here in bed and moan about it, yay!

quinn has been visiting me, and it's wonderful. we have 'getting shot' bonding time. mostly though, he's been helping me with some research ideas for next year, since i have to go back. and today, when i told him about the falling incident, he made me an ice cream split. that was pretty impressive! so if you ignore the falling incident and the fact that i miss daria, things are going well! uncle peter and lydia came over for dinner the other day and it was really nice.

now i just want to go out again. i feel like i'm turning into a cat lady since sultana has decided my lap is the best lap, since it is ever-present.

do you think it's safe to go out?


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