Jun. 28th, 2010

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Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow I take it back, give me back the wheelchair! (Don't really. I'm just whining because ow.)

So, I have a walking cast on one leg, and the other is freee and really skinny and kind of gross because it was in a cast for so long. You all needed to know. I have crutches to keep weight off the still broken leg and I can wobble around on them. Kind of. But it hurts to use them because my fingers were broken and they're still sore. I'm getting there though. I have a drill sergeant physical therapist who I am terrified of, which will mean I will do absolutely everything she (yes,) tells me to do. If I don't, she might break me again!

Quinn came to accompany me for the first part of the day, which was nice. And he said that the Liberos shelter is organising another charity fundraiser. I won't be running across campus wearing a sock and a cape this time because....ow, but I'm going to help out. We're doing a food drive and Flynn is organising bands to play to raise some more money. I get to do publicity. Which is a great job for someone who can't really move a lot. And it's all to help out homeless families. I already started making calls and it feels great.


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